Fresh Never Frozen..."Bringing Up North Down South"
Fresh Never Frozen..."Bringing Up North Down South"


Good Morning all my Lobster Lovers. Today is the big day as we open Location #2 in Seacrest Florida !!! So excited to bring our product to the Pan Handle. It was nice to see my peeps this past week-end in Ridgeland too. I have an eye open for a location in Savannah and we are expanding into Charleston, Atlanta and The Villages within months. I want to shout out to a great guy named Mike in Florida who came to our rescue when the alternator in the Escalade died on us coming to Florida on I-10 Saturday night. He is employed at an auto parts store in the middle of no-where and replaced it for us without hesitation. This could have been a nightmare but he really went above and beyond his duties. Thanks Mike !!! Have a great week folks and remember we are your Original Lobster Roll Destination in the Low Country and Savannah...DON'T BE FOOLED BY IMITATIONS & WANNA BE'S !!! Thanks for the Tweet Fritz wink emoticon

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